Minimalist. Modern. Sophisticated. Slow. And Chic. – attributes exemplified by PRIX.TI by Prachi Banka, an eponymous line of handcrafted jewelry, founded, unsurprisingly, by none other than Prachi Banka. Prachi’s inherent love for art, understated sartorial style, wit, and literature, served as her inspiration. And it culminated in her marrying her myriad interests to bring to the world what is now unequivocally manifest in her thoughtful, thought-provoking, refined, restrained, curated, and cultured jewelry line.

At PRIX.TI, each design is hand-sketched and put together using natural, semi-precious stones which are carefully picked, usually hand-cut and hand-shaped. The beautiful natural hues, textures and iridescence of these gorgeous stones take centre stage while developing most designs. Past conceptualisation, each design goes through several iterations, with details meticulously refined and nurtured, until aesthetics and ergonomics are precisely honed and perfectly balanced. Traditional, proven metal-crafting techniques with an obsessive focus on quality workmanship, wrapped in love, completes each PRIX.TI piece.


Etymology of PRIX.TI ( /ˈprɪti/ )

 Individualist and whimsical – these are but two of the traits that define the PRIX.TI woman, and as such, a fair amount of considered rumination preceded the choice of our name –

 PRIX.TI (the X is silent!) is a portmanteau of the French word “prix”, meaning ‘prize’, and of the phonetic notation (“prit-ee”) of the English word ‘pretty’.

 A ‘pretty prize’ - something precious, meant to be prized and long cherished, as well as something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing – is what we aim to deliver to our cherished clientele with each and every one of our creations, and there could be no name more apt. The thoughtfulness and consideration behind our naming is symptomatic of our ethos and culture where attention-to-detail, ideation, and discernment propel each of our creative and service endeavours.