Life, its moments, and its events, are rarely – if ever – straight-forward. Life has its crests and nadirs, its twists and turns, its curves and bends. It has ways in which it stirs you and shakes you; permitting, persuading and promoting you to exult, anguish, revel, despair, ruminate, indulge, over its long course. Through this meandering journey, you look for a totem – an ever-present. Something to hold dear and feel pride, pleasure, and comfort in. If we allow it, life enables us to find beauty in ourselves in our most raw states. 

The Virage Collection from PRIX.TI by Prachi Banka has been inspired by a vision to encapsulate this magnificent adventure, using curved gems and raw, unshaped stones in jewelry pieces which will serve as your totem through life’s many moments and events.